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As a plus size figure women, you need to be careful when you intend to but sweater. In today’s fashion era, there are many kinds of sweater that you can choose, such as plus size turtleneck sweaters, plus size cashmere sweaters, and plus size holiday sweaters. Sometimes you often caught up in confusion about how to choose and wear proper sweater. A good idea about wearing sweater is you ought to select the sweater’s material which proper to your body shape and can make your look trendy and fashionable. For example, you’d better choose the material which made from cashmere, corduroy, wool, knit sweater or denim. They will follow your body shape. Avoid wearing clothing which is too large for you.

Cashmere 3/4

Regarding to varieties of sweater, if you have any kind of plus size cashmere sweater, you have to care it properly. A plus size cashmere sweater is the right choice to warm your body during cold winter season. Even if its material is soft and lightweight but it is still gorgeous. If you want to purchase plus size cashmere sweater, you have to ensure that the material is a hundred per cent cashmere. The way to check its material is you can see on the label which has sewn on that, if you don’t find anything, you’d better leave it behind. As you know, pure cashmere has thinner material and warm, so it is balance with the price that you will spend for it.

Blue Cashmere

Apart from that, you also need to ensure about the material and its colour. You’d better spend a while to check them all before you bring it onto cashier. Besides, you should check its thickness as it will cover your body.

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