You may realise that plus size towel wrap is one of the important thing of your daily life. By caring it properly, you can protect yourself and towel wrap from the germs and bacteria, as they will disrupt your health. You probably can imagine, anyway, when you use it to dry yourself everyday, and you don’t care it well, the flexibility of fibber can easily be lost. So, you may follow some tips about how to care plus size towel wrap.

Plus Size Bath Wraps

As for the first step about caring your plus size towel wrap, it is better to replace it at least once in a week. After that,  when you start to wash it, you need to soak your plus size towel wrap with warm water as much as possible, which is mixed with detergent. In this session, let it stay around 30 minutes as detergent helps warm water to shed all the dirt on the towel. After being washed with detergent, you can separate your towel wrap from others and soak it with a liquid of softener. You need to make sure that your towel wrap is dried on the place which directly expose to the sun.

Bath Towel Wraps

Wearable Towel

If you just have a new plus size towel wrap, you’d better to wash it first before you wear it. This is an act to defend from the bacteria or germs. Morever, these tips are also can be applied on your other outfit. Somehow, you ought to think over the material of your outfit as not every clothes can directly dry on the place which expose to the sun. You’d better share this information to your acquaintance as well.