A relationship between man and woman is a little bit complex, even when they are committing in togetherness, they still have some problems which need to solve. Basically, it often happens as we realize that we are living in real world as a human being. Wise man says that men usually use their brain and think logically than women, besides, women more sensitive and use their feeling. What man expects from woman is not similar with what woman expects from man. However in this complex situation, we need what so-called sense-of-understanding. So, in this global world we can see some men are in relationship with plus size women. We can’t simply judge what’s on the man’s brain as we already knew that is hard to guess someone’s mind.

Love is in the Air

Men who like plus size women are just out there and mostly they think that plus size women have a uniqueness and special about sex appeal. Sometimes it could be related to men’s fantasy but so far they enjoy the relationship with plus size woman as they admit just the way she is.

Sporty Romance

Some of the relationship today is going to the part which we say commitment and ready to build family. Man and plus size woman get married to establish and bring their relationship into reality. No matter how other people say or judge about this relationship since it had already become a normal way of marriage relationship. As a plus size figure woman, you don’t have to worry, you should proud of yourself and for man who likes plus size woman, you ought to encourage your relationship and don’t feel ashamed.

Walking in Togetherness