Fashion is the interesting thing for women. The most of them are concern about this. Generally, they think that fashion is just for slim women. In fact, not all women have proportional body. There is still a thin or plus size body. Some people said that plus size women have to wear the dark color for their fashion. But, it is not entire true. This is some plus size outfit ideas.

Plus Size Outfit Ideas


You have to figure-flattering plus size fashion. You can wear the highlight gorgeous shoulder and elongated neck with U or V-neck tops and blouses. You also can wear scoop neck tops to lengthen the neck. For the fabric and the size, remember that keep the clothes close to the body. Don’t wear the large clothes, because it will make plus size women appear larger. Don’t wear the baggy clothing, oversized sweaters and athletic wear. You can choose dresses with darts and vertical pinstripes, flared –skirt and wide legged pants that hug your curves and fit snugly without clinging.

 Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Women

For the plus size fashion colors, dark color is better to minimize figure flaws, but it is still possible if you want to wear bright hues too. Dark color can apply when you wear pants or skirt. You can combine your bright blouses with the dark color on the bottom and light colored blouse or sweater to complement your look. Sometimes there is no suggestion for plus size outfit ideas to wear a floral pattern. Actually plus size women still can use the floral pattern as their accessories. You can add this pattern to your wardrobe with wrap dresses and colorful empire tops.

 Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Ladies

There are so many plus size outfit ideas when you want to choose the shape of your clothes, such as apple shape and pear shape. Some plus size women have apple shape body. They have good legs but bigger top half. It is will look more beautiful if they wear a fancy dress that shows off those legs. Skirts or dresses an inch or two above the knee are flattering on apple shapes. The apple shape body also can choose a belted jacket to make the waist look smaller. Chiffons and silks will look great on apple shape body.


Vice versa with the apple shape, pear shape has larger bottom halves. When choosing a fancy dress outfit, you can bring the eye to the neckline an dyour best parts, such as arms, neck and face. Do not wear shorter skirts and dresses as these will overemphasize what are you trying to conceal.