Plus Size Off The Shoulder Tops For Women

Off the shoulder Tops is the 1980s mode. But in this era, this mode come back. This trend is easy and inexpensive to recreate. Sometimes we easy to find this model, but for the women who has curve body, it will so difficult to find the right size. You can make the plus size off the shoulder tops by yourself.

You can look your t-shirt collection. The good one is t-shirt that have a biggest size. Do not forget to choose the t-shirt that has a darker color. But it does not matter if you choose the t-shirt that has a nude or pastel color. Remember that you will cut the t shirt and you wont back it again if you does not carefully when you cut your t-shirt.

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Tops For Female

First step that you can do is turned the shirt inside-out. You can put on the table or on the floor, so you can look the size and how you will recreate it. To make it easier, you can wear this t-shirt first, so you can add the mark where you will cut. You can add the mark where the neckline should fall. After that you can cut according to the mark. The marks should be between 10 and 12 cm from the top of the sleeve for a woman of medium frame.

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Tops Design

To make your plus size off the shoulder tops more beautiful and interesting, you can add the accessories in your t-shirt. If your t-shirt does not has a complicated pattern, you can add the necklace, the unique necklace will be an eye-catching accessories on your t-shirt. But if your t-shirt has complicated pattern, you can choose the earing or put the unique belt into your t-shirt.

Add the right shoes will be the good choice. Pastel and nude shoes are the best accessories. You can combine ethnic look for your outfit. The vintage design will be look greater when you combine the vintage and ethnic accessories. The important thing to combine the plus size off the shoulder tops, do not put too much accessories on there. It will make your body look heavier.  The little accessories will suitable for your off shoulder t-shirt. Beside t-shirt, you can make the others design. For example, you can use the party outfit with this model. dark gown will look more sophisticated with off the shoulder top. It will look more elegant.