Plus Size Pink Hippie Design

As hippie style is much more popular nowadays, since it appears very long time ago in past decades, its style had adapted by fashion industry to present to the markets as a cool style which everyone can wear it, even this style has a special design for plus size figure as well. Nowadays, plus size hippie clothes for plus figure woman can be found in every department store or shop nearby you. Mostly it designs flourish, colourful and chic. As a modern style, it is also produced in a mass and advertised in printed media.

Plus Size Dull Colour Hippie Style

A plus size hippie clothes had been known as casual outfit. You can wear it in some informal occasion. If you intend to go out in the afternoon, you’d better choose the soft material and natural in colour as its simplicity will bring you to the comfort situation. This time, you can match your hippie shirt with your blue ripped jeans. A hippie shirt is mostly made from the soft material and it has flourish motif. As a plus size figure, you’d better choose the small flourish motif since it’s proper to you to look much skinnier.

Batik Hippie Pants

Moreover, if you want to attend a party in the evening, you’d better wear your plus hippie clothes with bright colour and still soft material. In this case, the clothes will firmly present you as a pretty young woman and you can match your hippie shirt with blue jeans as well. For the evening party, it’s not really recommended to match it with blue ripped jeans because the bright colours of its motif already bold your performance.


Plus Size Hippie Model