A plus size garter for wedding is a wedding accessories which usually used by the bride on her wedding day. This accessories firstly had used in England and France in the beginning of 14th century. Basically, wedding garter is made from lace and some ribbons around as its accessories.  As time goes by, this accessory has made from varieties of material, more colourful and with floral motif. Its design basically depends on the bride.

Varieties of Wedding Garter

If you already had your wedding planner, it is better for you to discuss what is the wedding’s garter style for you to wear, but if you don’t have any wedding planner, you don’t have to worry about it because here you probably can receive some of the tips on how to choose garter for your wedding. Firstly, you have to decide the colour of the plus size wedding’s garter as it will bold your mode and style. Try picking the soft and calm garter if you don’t really like the bright colour unless you think that the bright colour can catch the attention. Meanwhile, you are able to choose the wedding garter with maroon or navy blue colour to match it with your hand-bouquet.

Maroon Wedding Garter

As a result, in using a plus wedding garter will increase your confident on your d-day, you are not to firmly show yourself but this is the way to stunningly come forth. As a plus figure woman, it is also good to show your sense of fashion and taste of mode since you know already about the quote which says “big is beautiful”.

Plus Size Wedding Garter