Simple and casual are might be the theme of ann taylor plus size dresses. Despite its simplicity and casualty, but you can dress up and perform in elegant and beautiful style. You probably can see from the picture below. This kind of dress has denim style and pink in colour. The prettiness of it has shown and bold by the material and colour. As for the occasion, you might wear this as sundress while you are on holiday or in summer vacation.

Ann Taylor Plus Size

As the second picture, ann taylor plus size dresses have shown kind of formal dress from its collection. The purple colour will define you as an elegant plus size figure. In order to get formal and beautiful style, you’d better match your dress with skinny yellow belt, silver necklace, red bag, white single bracelet and peep-toe black shoes as your footwear.

Ann Taylor Plus Size Clothing

The next picture has showed you sundress from ann taylor plus size dresses’ collection which has flower motif. The sleeveless style is suitable for sunny day or holiday party. You might blend your outfit by wearing some accessories like plain necklace and bracelet. As for your foot wear, you probably can choose semi heels with brown or white colour.

Ann Taylor Plus Size Dresses Picture

The last picture shows you about cocktail party dress from ann taylor plus size dresses’ wardrobe. This kind of outfit will engaged you to show your woman sexiness or your inner beauty. In order to perform pretty and sexy, you can blend your style with ivory earrings, ivory bracelet and animal print knee boots.

Ann Taylor Plus Size Dress Image