If you fancy finding something different for your casual outfit during your activity in summer or sunny day, you need to look some of the outfit collection from catos plus size store and catherine’s plus size clothing. This apparel has some fabulous collection which fits to you as a plus size figure and simply presents you in a modern style. Here are some of the examples of clothes from catos plus size store.

Plus Size Catos with Tight Jeans

As you can see from the picture above, a model wears plus size catos with short blue jeans. This style must be the casual one for informal outdoor activity. You can add silver necklace and bracelet as the accessories and wear slippers to bold this style a s casual one. By fashioning yourself into this outfit, you will enjoy a whole day circumstantially.

Catherine's Plus Size Bahama Breeze

Catherine’s plus size clothes, as you can see in the picture, is one of the collections which you can wear as a casual dress or you might wear as formal clothing. The animal print as its motif will presents you outstanding even if you wear it as a casual dress, because the motif is quite popular right now. You can mix-match it by wearing mules.

Plus Size Fashion Denim

As a plus size figure, Catharine’s Clothing also provides new collection which so-called fashion denim. You don’t have to worry about choosing the outfit for cocktails party. This outfit is just fabulous with its simplicity and you can solid-match it by wearing brown shoes with lower-heels.

Catherin’s Bon Voyage Cascade is a future trend style which quite popular nowadays as well. It is provided into several bright colours and you can pick one or some as your favourites. From the picture below, try to match blue top with white pants.

Catherine's Plus Size Bon Voyage Cascade