As a modern plus size figure, you actually want to dress up in every time of your daily activity. Since you had known about style and some of fashion retail had produced many varieties of outfit, you intensively get sort of fashion up date. If you are living in urban ear, you might know about baby phat plus size dresses as it best known as hip and fun urban styles fashion. From the following pictures below, you will few examples from baby phat collections. Actually, baby phat style of clothes is sleeveless. As you can see from the picture below, the material is soft while its colour is dark orange. It has fabric belt which you can see as its ornament. This outfit may be casual but you can wear it when you attend cocktail party.

Plus Size Baby Phat Evening

The second style of baby phat plus size dresses is light red in colour and its style has pleated from waist until bottom part. This outfit is also good to wear when you want to attend cocktail party. You might wear this to bold your sexiness and show your look in a pretty way.

Sequined Plus Size

Moreover, after you see two pictures about baby phat plus size dresses’ style, you might choose another style and design of it. As you can see from the picture, it has flower print motif and cyan in colour. It is better for you to wear it in the afternoon party and you are able to blend your stule with gold or silver bracelet.

Macy's Baby Phat

You probably even hear about this quote “pink is a new black”. This might be firmly your style and suitable outfit for you. Since pink is referred to girly stuffs, fashion industry often produces pinky-things for girls. But, you are as a plus size adult figure can choose pink colour for your outfit as well.

Baby Phat Dress One Shoulder Sequined