As plus size figure women who are living in urban area, you often go out with your friend to socialize with them in some casual party. As a young-adult woman, you need sometimes to think over about what kind of clothes that you can wear in this cosmopolitan society. So, the right path to step is you firstly need to know about urban style through urban plus size clothing pictures. Nowadays, urban is well-known with its contemporary style. Based on that, you can figure out everything about fashion which related to contemporary style.

Urban Goth Plus Size Dress

Urban plus size clothing in contemporary style is easily matching with other outfit in contrast but still its appearance fabulous. On the picture above, you can see a contemporary style in Goth. She matches her outfit with headgear but to presents her pretty style, she wears soft colour of foot wear. It is so simple but outstanding, anyway.

Posh Plus Size Urban Dress

As you can see from the picture above, she wears an earthy and simply colourful dress. What makes it looks so stunning is she knows how to choose the right motif and colour for her plus size body. It makes her look so gorgeous and fabulous, even if her dress is simple. As a foot wear, she selects soft brown mules.

Polkadot Urban Dress

A Polkadot urban dress as a urban plus size clothing can wear by young-adult plus size woman. It is for informal party but still looks beautiful. For plus size woman, you ought to select the small motif of polkadot as it will disguise your size. You also can add some accessories like red tiny belt and ribbon as a head-fascinator.

Fancy Urban Style