As a plus size figure who already up to 40 years old or you are already be a mom, sometimes you find it’s a little bit hard in choosing fancy casual clothes that you can wear if you intend to go out or will have outdoor-activity. As for your information, Cathy Daniel’s plus size clothing proudly presents you some of its collection special for beautiful mommy. These clothing might be your option since it will make you just fabulous and pretty. Here are few pictures that might shows you collection from Cathy Daniel’s apparel.

Flower Print for Mommy

As you can see from the picture above, cathy daniel’s plus size clothing is the best choice for you to wear in a formal occasion. It looks casual and earthy but fabulous. As a mommy, you can mix that clothes with long white pants and you might wear black or white small belt as the accessories. Besides, if you want to attend outdoor party, you probably able to hold black handbag, this style will display you perfect.

Chic Plus Size Sweater

The next picture above shows you chic sweater from cathy daniel’s plus size clothing apparel. This might be your option as well if you want to go out in autumn. The material of this sweater made from cotton and will warmly cover you as you will not feel very cold. You can wear this kind of outfit in the afternoon or in the evening as well. This outfit might be worn as a casual outfit.

Casual Shirt

The other collection from cathy daniel’s plus size clothing apparel is casual shirt for daily activity. As you can see from the picture above, its motif was printed with blue and white in colour. As a plus size mommy, this outfit is good for you when you live your daily routine such as cooking or just have a relaxing time.