Dazzle Style with Pin Up Clothes


Black Pin Up

Pin up clothes is just more popular day by day. As you can see out there, that several fashion apparel sale plus size pin up girl clothing. It is always have new style or design and fashion magazine often publish it to catch your attention. So, women and even man want to dress up in a pin up style. As a plus size figure, you don’t have to worry about this because you also can find and wear pin up girl clothing plus size for plus size person. You might see in some fashion magazine that there are some of plus size pin up models wear very chic and fabulous pin up dresses plus size.

You might see Katty Perry in pin up style and you probably want to dress up like her when you attend any kind of party or just go out with your friend.  A pin up clothing plus size might be worn by you and you can perform these clothes with pin up style as well. Somehow, you might follow these few of guidelines about pin up style.

Pin Up and Pin High

While you are wearing you pin up girl clothing plus size, you ought to curl your hair style and choose the right colour for it. A range of hair colours are suitable and you’d better choose the solid colour. As your make, you ought to find a better moisturize for your face skin as it will make your skin freshly cleansed and moisturised. Then you can groom your eye brows with good quality of eyebrow pencil. Later on, you might consider about wearing vintage style of pin up dresses plus size as it will firmly bold your appearance.

Pin Up Model



A Fashion Guidance for Plus Size Male


As a plus size man, you might confuse about how to choose the right clothes for you. You probably can look at the catalogue of plus size male model as it will give you more information about that. You might a little bit afraid of choosing the clothes but it will display your performance much bigger. Therefore, here are some suggestions for you before purchase and wear outfit.

Plus Size Male 1

As you can see to the plus size male model, you’d better follow their style. Probably, you ought not to wear any kind of clothes which is fit onto your body. If you wear tight clothes, then the shape of your fat will easily display. Besides, you should not wear any clothes that is loose as it also will shape your body much bigger. While you choosing the motifs, you’d better select small motifs of the clothes. As a matter of fact, motifs can help to disguise your body shape become much slimmer and a good motif for you is vertical motifs. In addition to colour, dark colour will also make your body look slimmer.

Plus Size Male 2

In helping you to look slimmer, pants with cut low rise style will help you to realise that and your performance will look fashionable and gorgeous. Apart from it, wearing clothes which have V collar will create the slim’s illusion of your fat on your neck. It is better for you not to select clothes which cover your neck because it is actually making your look more rounded. Besides, avoid wearing tight jeans, you’d better select and wear pants which its size proper to you. The important thing is try to perform simple and casual like plus size male model but they still know how to appear gorgeous and handsome.

Plus Size Male 3




Preparations for Model Audition


Fabulous Model

Modelling audition is not only search women who have normal size. As a plus size figure you also can take a part in plus size modelling audition. Last year there was a plus size modelling contest 2011. This kind of event was held as some of the advertisings and fashion apparel really wants to search plus size figure to be their model. Plus size figure women are utilised to promote several outfits for plus size women around the world. So, you don’t have to worry or stay at home if you think you are the one who has an opportunity to be a model. Somehow, you’d better know some tips before you involve in plus size modelling contest.

Plus Size Model

As you know, audition or contest can cause stress and pressure, but you can handle it by being relaxed and probably you follow some tips. It is better for you to arrive at the place of plus size model contest 15 minutes earlier before the contest starts. This is a good way to let yourself relax, breathe easily, not in hurry and less hassle, so you can simply think and act naturally. Prepare yourself with some stuff like mineral water or music stuffs. If you see there are more people who follow the plus size modelling auditions, you’d better to stay friendly but never let them intimidate you. Just believe in yourself because everyone has their own capability.

Big and Beautiful

Something important that you really to ensure to yourself is this is plus size modelling audition, so you need to dress yourself up. Improving your look and performance with fabulous make up and outstanding fashion is a good way to catch people’s attention. You’d better try to wear your proper dress or clothes by choosing the colour and style carefully as it will let people to see your performance.





Pictures of Plus Size Woman


We are now living in postmodern era and everyone is freely be able to express their way of thinking but in a wisely way. Nowadays, people’s figure can be captured by sophisticated gadget which can easily find in technology stores. There are no rules for making or taking picture even if you are a plus size woman, as every person has their own right. Somehow, we also need to pay our attention to the sense of art when we want to do that. We are able to create our own pose with good angle as we need to show our picture of plus size woman in a better way.

Plus Size Woman on Pose

In speaking about camera, pose, and picture, like it has been said before, no matter who you are, you freely enjoy and express your pose to picture of plus size woman. If you are a plus size figure person, don’t think it is a kind of ashamed because you are a worth it person as well. The quote “big is beautiful” is now really well-known. You should accept it and increase your confident by wearing some marvellous complete outfit. You are also being able to actualize your picture in black and white on virtual world and establish friendship with everyone.

Plus Size Woman in Black and White

However, it’s good as a plus size woman to try wearing a nice and proper dress for you; choose the right colour like soft and calm. If you intend to wear skinny jeans, you kindly to ensure that is simple and natural and don’t force yourself hardly in following some model’s magazine. The materials of your clothes are unlimited since you can wear it and feel comfortable. Finally, express your taste of fashion in a plus size woman in vintage style, enjoy your every single day and be proud of yourself.

Plus Size Woman in Vintage


Plus Size Young Women’s Clothing


Fashion is the interesting section for women, especially for young women. You can express yourself on the fashion. Sometime it is difficult to find the match size for plus size young women’s clothing. But you can still look fashionable on your clothing. But you have to look several tips to make your body doesn’t look heavier. (more…)

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