As a plus size man, you might confuse about how to choose the right clothes for you. You probably can look at the catalogue of plus size male model as it will give you more information about that. You might a little bit afraid of choosing the clothes but it will display your performance much bigger. Therefore, here are some suggestions for you before purchase and wear outfit.

Plus Size Male 1

As you can see to the plus size male model, you’d better follow their style. Probably, you ought not to wear any kind of clothes which is fit onto your body. If you wear tight clothes, then the shape of your fat will easily display. Besides, you should not wear any clothes that is loose as it also will shape your body much bigger. While you choosing the motifs, you’d better select small motifs of the clothes. As a matter of fact, motifs can help to disguise your body shape become much slimmer and a good motif for you is vertical motifs. In addition to colour, dark colour will also make your body look slimmer.

Plus Size Male 2

In helping you to look slimmer, pants with cut low rise style will help you to realise that and your performance will look fashionable and gorgeous. Apart from it, wearing clothes which have V collar will create the slim’s illusion of your fat on your neck. It is better for you not to select clothes which cover your neck because it is actually making your look more rounded. Besides, avoid wearing tight jeans, you’d better select and wear pants which its size proper to you. The important thing is try to perform simple and casual like plus size male model but they still know how to appear gorgeous and handsome.

Plus Size Male 3