Memory 80s

If we can highlight the fashion trend in the recent few years, we might find something which we think that kind of recycle or re-use outfit. We can see out there in several department stores that the plus size 80s fashion and the plus size 70s clothing are back. That kind of fashion is re-using by urban people or cosmopolitan society when they go out to the party or just chill out with friends in cafe or restaurant. That kind of outfit mostly has bright colourful and glorious accessories

80s Fashion

Plus size 70s clothing has popular with flare jeans and jumpsuit. Moreover, plus size 80s fashion is focused on its colour-playing in contrast but chic. As a plus size figure, you are also able to grab one or both of this style and dress up as you like. Choosing the right size of outfit, match them with another outfit, but still you need consider about the colour, material and the way you can enjoy and feel comfortable while you wearing them.

70s Jumpsuit

If you fancy wearing jumpsuit, you might choose the formal one for the ceremony or party. However, there are some of them who have casual style. Jumpsuit’s model is practical and comfortable. You might choose this plus size 70s clothing for your outfit. Later on, you also can wear plus size 80s fashion to attend party. You might match and combine the outfits and colours, for example purple and green, blue and green, or blue and yellow.

70s Fashion